Photo By D J Norton

The Book is Finished!

That's a bit of an exaggeration, actually.  But I have supplied all the material to the publisher before the contracted deadline.  What happens next is up to them - I'll keep you informed.

This means, of course, that my weekends are now free to start regularly updating the site again.  I've got my summer holiday coming up soon but things should pick up from mid July.  My plans are as follows:-

 - Add more colour pictures.  As well as Birmingham there will be Trams and Buses (although, sadly, no local trams in their primrose and cobalt blue livery) and Birmingham Local Stations.  I'll add a little to each category so everyone is happy!

 - Vastly expand the Railways section.  I'll add more local pictures first.  After that, there will be a few more themed pages (like the Severn Railway Bridge) that are interesting to research and fairly easy to put together.  In the long run there will be more pictures from around the country.

 - Some photo's from the suburbs of Birmingham.  I had to leave a few out of the book since there just wasn't enough room so these will appear first.

When I get around to more general railway pictures, I will need some method of organising them.  The common approach elsewhere seems to be railway company related.  I have no desire to try and get involved in the tangled web of inter-related railway companies!  Instead, I'll be splitting them into general catagories like engines, sheds, junctions and signals.  The benefit of this is that it may encourage hardened GWR fans to look at LMS pictures and vice versa (and it's easier for me!).  I shall be relying on feedback from rail fans to help provide useful captions.

I think I've got enough to keep me busy for the next 2 years at least.  Thank you for your patience during the last five months.  It will be rewarded, I can assure you.

Mark Norton
17 June 2006