Photo By D J Norton

The Kitchen is Finished!

At last, some good news.  You may have noticed that updates during the first half of 2007 have been a bit thin on the ground.  Well, all I can say is that if you ever fancy re-fitting your kitchen yourself, allow plenty of time.  It's taken so many of the weekends that I would have spent working on this website but it's finally finished (well, there are some bits and pieces left, of course).

The other good news is yet another amazing find in the cupboard at my mum's house.  I'd always realised that there were some gaps in the collection of railway photo's but I hadn't realised how big those gaps were.  After browsing through an envelope of 8.5"x6.5" prints, I realised that I had never seen some of the images before.  This made me all the more positive that there were some more boxes to be found.  When I wrote down the dates of what I'd been looking at it was clear that much of the 1950's was missing.

Digging around in the magic cupboard, I was delighted to find a box containing all the missing prints!  I haven't had time to study them in detail but I have already found some real gems in the brief look that I have managed.  With more superb material and more time for me to work on the site, I can assure that the Railways section will continue to expand for the forseeable future.

Mark Norton
28 May 2007