Photo By D J Norton

I'm currently working on a local history book about New Street Station.  This will not be a 'railway book' as there are plenty of titles that already cover the subject in great detail.  It's intended to capture the history and development of a station at the heart of Birmingham, in all its ups and downs.

I have a good collection of photographs taken by my father between 1947 and 1965, but I need more material for earlier and later dates.  If you have anything that may be useful, please get in touch.

A picture I would be really happy to see is one capturing the little mail trucks that used to magically appear from ramps between the platforms.  These were a highlight of each annual, family holiday to Devon and, as a child, kept me entertained and enthralled as we waited for our train.  Another picture that would be very useful would be one from the early 1960's showing the Queen's Hotel on Stephenson Street as it approached the end of its life.

I'm also keen to hear people's memories of the old station, pre World War II if possible.  But memories of the station from any time are much appreciated.

Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact link on the home page.

Mark Norton
14th January 2013