Photo By D J Norton

Birmingham In Colour 1960's

It was a real surprise to find that we had boxes of full colour slides as well as all the prints.  There aren't a huge amount of Birmingham, but what we have is a good selection from around the city, especially in the southern half.  This page features pictures taken in the 1960's.

Old colour pictures really make an impact on me.  With black and white it's easy differentiate between the past and the present.  A fifty year old colour picture starts to blur the distinction...

S/Market & Woolworths - 8/9/62

Supermarket and Woolworths
I though twice about including this here because of the holes punched in the start/end of the film.  However, it's a trademark D J Norton shot - capturing the changing city.

It shows the construction of Pearks Supermarket on Watford Road, Cotteridge.  What amazes me in how handsome the Woolworths building was.  I was suprised to see it was the same buiding today and I'd never noticed!  Next to Woolworths is Boots and George Bridge.

Watford Rd - 8/9/62

Watford Road
Looking back towards the site of the new supermarket, this shot shows the old Cotteridge Post Office which is still operating today.

The chap on the top deck of the bus seems interested in what my father is up to!

Pershore Rd - 8/9/62

Pershore Road
This picture of Pershore Road at Cotteridge has lots of points of interest.  On the corner of Watford Road is George Mason's shop.  A church stands where Kwik Save now resides.  The ugly, modern Lloyds Bank building had already defaced the grand row of Victorian shop buildings to the right.  Finally, a number 45 bus waits to turn towards West Heath, something you will see to this day.

Pershore Rd South - 8/9/62

Pershore Road South
Another corker!  The central building is the Fire Station at Cotteridge.  To it's left, the shop features a neon sign saying, "Electricity Supply".  To the left of that is a shop called, "Under the Clock" - for obvious reasons!  Finally, on the far left is Malcolm's 'Hair Fashion Artists'.

On the far right, the top of the spire of Kings Norton church can just about be seen.

Rubury Cottage - 9/5/63

Rubury Cottage
Here's an interesting picture - note the spelling of Rubury.  I wonder if it was a mistake made at the time the cottage was built or whether Rubery used to be spelt like this?

This cottage is no longer there.  I believe it was somewhere between Leach Green Lane and Beverley Road.

Bus Terminus Rubery - 9/5/63

Bus Terminus Rubery
The city boundary.  Just to the right of centre is the lodge house for Rubery Hill Hospital.  Although the hospital shut some years ago, this splendid house is still there.

The girl on the right is crossing Leach Green Lane.  Note the old urinal to the far right.

Cock Hill Lane Rubery - 9/5/63

Cock Hill Lane Rubery
The age of Cock Hill Lane is indicated by the old cottages lining its right hand side.  Several of these survive to this day.

Road Works Rubery - 9/5/63

Road Works Rubery
The vending machine by the wheel barrow is for 'Boomerang' gum while the buses are number 63's - a route still in operation now.

This picture speaks volumes about the future of Rubery.  Shortly after it was taken, work would commence on the now familiar fly-over that is located here.