Photo By D J Norton

Dad's Day Out - 12/3/50

Goole Shed - 12/3/50

Goole Shed
What an absolutely fascinating photo!  I believe this is the L&YR shed near Goole docks and think that the picture was taken from the L&NER line that passes nearby.  Google Maps shows the site today very clearly.  Goole shed code was 25C.

1377, 1370, 493, 549 Sheffield Millhouses Shed - 12/3/50

1377, 1370, 493, 549 Sheffield Millhouses Shed
An interesting collection of locos still awaiting their BR numbers.  Class 2P 4-4-0 Fowler 493 would become 40493 in March 1952 but 549 wold be scrapped in May 1951.  The pair of Class 1P 0-4-4T Johnson locos faced a similar fate with 1377 becoming 58071 in January 1951 and 1370 being scrapped in January 1953.

Sheffield Millhouses was a Midland shed and had the code 19B.  The Steam Sheds site shows a picture of it still standing in 1990.

41803 Staveley Shed - 12/3/50

41803 Staveley Shed
This shot was taken at the Midland shed known as Staveley (Barrow Hill).  I was really pleased to discover that this shed survives as a Grade 2 listed building and is still functioning as an engine shed!  There is some history on the Barrow Hill website.

Class 1F 0-6-0T Johnson was built in 1890 and survived until November 1957 when it was scrapped.  Just inside the shed is 48102, an 8F 2-8-0 Stanier.  Staveley (Barrow Hill) had the shed code 18D.

49558 Nr Hasland Shed - 12/3/50

49558 near Hasland Shed
Hasland Shed was another Midland shed and was located south of Chesterfield.  Shed code was 18C.

Class 7F 0-8-0 Fowler 49588 would only survive another year before being scrapped.