Photo By D J Norton

Dad's Day Out - 7/4/53

42823 16A Trent Stn - 7/4/53

42823 16A Trent Stn
When I came across this picture I naturally wondered where Trent Station had been.  After all, there is no place called Trent!  It turns out that it was created as an interchange station way back in 1862 and survived virtually unchanged (including gas lighting) until its demolition in 1968.  You can read the story here.

This picture was taken from the end of the platform looking towards Trent Station North Jct signal box.  It shows 5F 2-6-0 Horwich 'Crab' 42823 from Nottingham shed.

43309 Trent Stn - 7/4/53

43309 Trent Stn
Having moved a bit further back down the platform we can now see Trent Station North Jct signal box.

The loco is 3F 0-6-0 Johnson 43309 built in 1892.

44191 18B Trent Stn - 7/4/53

44191 18B Trent Stn
Having seen some other shots of Trent station in the collection, I believe this was taken from Trent Station South Jct signal box at the other end of the station.  You can see the signalman on the far left.

4F 0-6-0 Fowler 44191 is working hard!  It was based at Toton shed.

48279 Trent Stn - 7/4/53

48279 Trent Stn
Also taken from Trent Station South Jct signal box, here we see 8F 2-8-0 Stanier 48279.

43629 Loughboro' (Midland) Stn - 7/4/53

43629 Loughborough (Midland) Stn
This is a real corker!  We've moved on to Loughborough (Midland) station.  This is now known as Loughborough station.  The other station in Loughborough was Loughborough (Central) and this is now part of the Grand Central Railway.

Note the amazing cast iron fretwork on the post by the other photographer on the left.  I think that may be my father's friend, Ken Morris.

The loco is 3F 0-6-0 Johnson 43629 built in 1899.

42877 68A Loughboro' Stn - 7/4/53

42877 68A Loughborough Stn
Having now moved to the far of the end of the platform we can now see Loughborough signal box on the left and the Brush Falcon Works on the right.  Look at the spectacular Falcon on the roof!  Thanks to Geoff for pointing out that this now lives at the Crich Tramway Village.  I managed to find a recent photo that may be of interest.

Note that 5F 2-6-0 'Crab' 42877 seems to have a snow plough fitted.  Maybe that was because it was based at Carlisle Kingmoor shed.

42137 Loughboro' (Midland) Stn - 7/4/53

42137 Loughborough (Midland) Stn
Here's a clearer view of the Brush works.  It is still in business today and you can find some history on the company website.

The loco here is 2-6-4T 42137 which was just 3 years old when this picture was taken.

45627 Leicester (London Rd) Stn - 7/4/53

45627 Leicester (London Rd) Stn
Next stop Leicester (London Road).  This is the site of the current Leicester station.  You can see some good modern photo's here.

What a nice, atmospheric shot of 4-6-0 'Jubilee' 45627.  This engine was badged 'Sierra Leone'.

40485 15C Leicester (London Rd) Stn - 7/4/53

40485 15C Leicester (London Rd) Stn
Another nice shot that manages to capture the station surroundings.

My father was stood on platform 4 for this shot and it shows 4-4-0 40485 that had been built in 1898.  It was based at Leicester Midland shed so is seen here on home turf, as it were.

40146 15C Leicester (London Rd) Stn - 7/4/53

40146 15C Leicester (London Rd) Stn
Now stood at the end of the platforms we can see what an extensive site this was at the time.  I'm afraid I can't make out the sign on the signal box in this shot but thanks to Dave for pointing out that is was Leicester North (probably Leicester North Jnc when the picture above was taken).  Have a look a Dave's shot from the 1980's taken from the opposite direction.

The loco is another local one.  It's 2-6-2T Stanier 40146.

John got in touch to share this information:
"On the right, above the coach, is the famous (to us, at least!) ‘Leicester birdcage’, an overhanging fenced walkway which was popular with several generations of us spotters, including me from the early 1960s.  At least three of the breed can be seen peering through the bars."

44944, 45694 Leicester (London Rd) Stn - 7/4/53

44944 45964 Leicester (London Rd) Stn
Taken from a different platform than the one above we can see another very tall signal box in the misty distance.  'Black Five' 44944 is getting some help from 45694, a.k.a. 'Bellerophon'.

This shot also provides a good view of London Road's Motive Power Dept. coaling stage which seems to be undergoing some repairs or maintenance.

Some comments from John re this picture:
"The tall signal box in the distance was ‘Engine Shed Sidings’ (it’s also visible in the previous picture, just to the left of Leicester North Jn).  We once owned the nameboard from that ’box!

The coaling tower shown in both these pictures, and also in the one with 4-4-0 40485, was actually under construction at the time.  It was the final phase of a complete reconstruction of Leicester Midland MPD, including a brand new roundhouse-type depot, which began during World War 2 and was completed in the early 1950s.  It must have been one of the shortest-lived new sheds to be built for steam locomotives."

Gantry nr Nuneaton (Trent Valley) Stn - 7/4/53

Gantry nr Nuneaton (Trent Valley) Stn
As we head back to Birmingham we pass this impressive signal gantry near to Nuneaton (Trent Valley) station.  You can see a modern picture of that station here.  The other Nuneaton station was Abbey Street.

Patrick got in touch with some idea's about where this was taken exactly.  Together we concluded that it was taken from a train passing over the bridge to the lower right of this Google Maps image.  In addition, we now think that this was the start of my father's journey rather than the end so the pictures on this page should be in the opposite order to what they are!