Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 12

Edgbaston Street
1964 Status
2014 Status
S & U

The S & U Stores Ltd. building in Edgbaston Street opened in 1958 and was a familiar sight on the skyline of the city right up until, I believe, the late 1990's.  The S & U business had been formed by Clifford Coombes back in 1938 with the name standing for Sports and Utilities.  It enabled people to buy essential household items by paying weekly.  I guess it could be compared to the BrightHouse of today, but for things that people actually needed (i.e. pots, pans and blankets) rather than things that they want (big screen TVs and laptops!).  In 2014, S & U remained in business but the site was occupied by Birmingham's Indoor Market.

S&U, May 1959

S & U building from Dudley St, May 1958Photo by D J Norton.

Site of S & U, June 2014

Former site of S & U, June 2014