Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 13

Smallbrook Ringway/Queensway
1964 Status
2014 Status
Extant (kind of...)
Centre City

I think Project 13 has proved to be the most fascinating of all the 100!  At the time, the proposal said, "Corporation still negotiating with developers for construction of a new Theatre Royal to replace theatre in New Street demolished eight years ago".  Now, my immediate reaction was that this never happened as the 1970's office block, Centre City had been built on the site.  But...  Wikipedia contains this gem of information:

"When first constructed, the Podium contained at ground level a nightclub and a theatre. The theatre was a requirement of the City Council, who stipulated that a public amenity should be provided as a condition of granting planning permission. However, the proximity of three other theatres probably contributed to no-one taking up the concession to run the theatre and it remained unused until c.1990, when it and the nightclub space were converted to additional office accommodation, under the title 'Centre City Atrium'"

Many may remember that the nightclub was used and was called The Millionaire, more commonly known as Millionaire's.  But the story of the unused theatre is quite amazing.  In 2014, the Centre City office block continued to occupy the site.

Project 13 site, late 1963

Planned site of Project 13, c. late 1963.  Photo from the Steve Gosling Archive.

Project 13 under construction, June 1973

Project 13 under construction, June 1973.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Centre City, Smallbrook Queensway

Centre City office block, Smallbrook Queensway, April 2014