Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

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St Martin's Circus Ringway
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Manzoni Gardens

The site of the old Market Hall, designed by Charles Edge and opened in 1834, was surrounded by St Martin's Circus Ringway during the early years of the 1960's.  It continued to function while the new markets were built but finally succumbed to the demolition squad at the end of 1963.  In its place, Manzoni Gardens was created, named after Sir Herbert Manzoni who had finally retired from his role as City Engineer and Surveyor in 1963 after 28 years in the role.  Intially an attractive garden area in the centre of the city, like the nearby Bull Ring, it ended up down at heel and not a pleasant place to sit unless you enjoyed the company of drunks!  In 2014, it had been replaced by the west mall of Bullring.

Market Hall, c. 1962

Remains of Market Hall yet to be replaced, c. 1961.  Photo by Leonard Stace.

Manzoni Gardens being built, c. early 1964

Market Hall gone and work on Mazoni Gardens underway, c. early 1964.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Manzoni Gardens, c.1965

Mazoni Gardens shortly after opening, c. mid 1960s.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Site of rear of Market Hall, June 2014

Former site of the rear of the Market Hall where Manzoni Gardens would be built, June 2014

Site of Manzoni Gardens, June 2014

Former site of Manzoni Gardens, Bullring west mall, June 2014