Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 17

New Street
1964 Status
2014 Status

Birmingham's most iconic building, the Rotunda, was another from architects, James A. Roberts.  Started in 1961, it was almost complete at the time the New Birmingham feature was published in November 1964.  The only bit that was still planned was described in the following way; "An extension to the Rotunda podium is to be built across the remains of Worcester Street, covering the site of Lloyds Bank on the opposite corner".  We can see this in the pictures below.

When threatened with demolition as part of the redevelopment plans for the Bull Ring, the citizens of Birmingham made their feelings clear - this building must stay!  It was given Grade II listing status in 2000 and was converted from office space into flats between 2004 and 2008.  See my Rotunda page for more about this transformation.  In 2014, the Rotunda remained a prominent feature of the city's skyline.

Future site of Rotunda, c. early 1961

The site of the Rotunda, c.  early 1961.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Rotunda under construction, mid 1963

Work progressing well, c. mid 1963.  Photo from the Steve Gosling Archive.

Rotunda, c. mid 1965

Completed building as seen from Manzoni Gardens, c. 1965.  Note original podium.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Extension to Rotunda Podium, June 2014

The podium extension that was built over Worcester Street, June 2014.  Compare with above.

Rotunda stripped for redevelopment

Stripped bare during conversion from offices to flats, July 2006

Rotunda, November 2009

Revamped Rotunda, November 2009