Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 18

St Martin's Circus Ringway
1964 Status
2014 Status

I had considered the two-tier shops that fronted on to the open market in the Bull Ring to be part of the Bull Ring Centre but, when you think about it, they were actually seperate from the shopping centre.  Also, they were completed before the Bull Ring Centre as the 1963 picture, below, indicates.  This was latterly the site of the Jolly Fryer chip shop, the relocated statue of Nelson and the merry-go-round to entertain the kids.  By 2014, the site of these shops had been lost inside the Bullring east mall.

Project 18, c. mid 1961

Work on Project 18, c. mid 1961.  Photo by Leonard Stace.

Project 18, 1963

Completed shops, 1963.  Photo by John Ball, reproduced here with thanks.

Bull Ring Magic Roundabout, 21/6/76

The Bull Ring Magic Roundabout and Nelson statue, June 1976.  Picture from the Steve Gosling Archive.

Site of rear of Project 18, June 2014

Former site of Project 18, June 2014