Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

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High Street
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Marks and Spencer

The Marks and Spencer's store in High Street was the biggest in the country when opened in 1957.  The interesting thing about the mark on the 1964 map is that it shows a gap in the building at the junction of Carrs Lane and High Street.  The modern day M&S occupies this site now, but you can see the join.  I wonder when this final piece of the jigsaw fell into place and whether it was the Jays store seen in my father's 1953 view that got in the way in the 1960's?

High St/Carrs Lane July 1953

Corner of High Street and Carrs Lane, July 1953.  The original M&S can be seen on the far right.  Photo by D J Norton.

Rear of M & S, c. 1964

Rear of M&S from Moor Street Queensway,  c. 1964. 
Photo from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Marks & Spencer, June 2014

Marks & Spencer, High Street, June 2014