Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 40

Colmore Circus/Bull Street
1964 Status
2014 Status
Grey's (extension)

Grey's was yet another department store.  The proposal, here, was for an extension to the store and and for a goods delivery tunnel running under Colmore Row to Snow Hill Station.  It's hard to say if the tunnel went ahead, but aerial pictures of the site suggest the extension did not.  In 2014, the site was occupied by the Colmore Gate block, opened in 1992.

Site of Project 40, c. 1966

The site of Project 40 is shown by the red square with the dotted lines showing the proposed tunnel to Snow Hill, c. 1966.  Grey's department store can be seen to the left of the square.  Picture from the Geoff Thompson Archive.

Site of Project 40, June 2014

The Colmore Gate block as seen from Colmore Row, June 2014

Site of Grey's, Bull Street, June 2014

Colmore Gate, Bull Street, built on the site of Grey's, June 2014