Photo By D J Norton

The New Birmingham c. 1964

Project 6

Hurst Street
1964 Status
In progress
2014 Status
Albany House

Albany House was under construction in November 1964 and was due for completion by March 1966.  For me personally, this building will always be remembered for the Norman H. Field hi-fi shop that occupied one of the street-level shop units, a place where I spent many of my hard-earned pennies!

Still in place in 2014, and looking, to my eyes at least, particularly unattractive, its proximity to Birmingham's Chinese quarter seemed to have resulted in many of the offices being occupied instead of empty, at least if the signs in the windows were to be believed.

Site of Albany House, May 1959

Site of Albany House in May 1959.  Photo by D. J. Norton.

Note Hippodrome Motors.  If you know what the Universal building was, please get in touch!

Albany House, April 2014

Albany House, April 2014.