Photo By D J Norton


Interior Cardiff Market - 10/6/64

Interior Cardiff Market
A lovely picture of the interior of Cardiff's Central Market on a busy Wednesday in June 1964.  Some of the stalls closest to where my father took his picture can easily be identified - Bowen & Rees, J. Taylor (Stainless) Ltd. and H. A. Harris Dresses & Coats (closed for the day!).  Overlooking it all is an office labelled D. R. Evans.

The market is still in business today and even has its own website.  My wife and I visited Cardiff in March 2012 and was delighted to find the market very much alive and well.  What's more, it had the feel of a proper market, something lost from many town and cities.  Here is my modern view.

My father also took some pictures of trolleybuses in the city on the same day.