Photo By D J Norton

Ledbury By Night

Having left the big city of Birmingham, it appears that small town life inspired my father to get a little experimental with his photography.  The resulting pictures are below and provide a new perspective on the town.

Belle Orchard from E - 1/10/64

Belle Orchard from east by night
The street where my parents lived is beautifully captured in this picture.  Not a car in site!

(Ledbury Market Hall) - 1/10/64

Ledbury Market Hall by night
For some reason he hadn't given this picture a caption but it's easy to work out where it is!  My question is how did he get this elevated view as he is clearly a few feet up...?  Both Stephen and Chris suggested the library contained in the Barrett Browning Institute but I still wonder how he organised it as the picture was clearly taken quite late in the day.

Brewer's Arms, Ledbury - 19/10/64

Brewer's Arms by night
A very atmospheric photo of what my father incorrectly refers to as the Brewer's Arms.  The pub is actually known as the Brewery Inn and is on Bye Street.  You can see it in this picture.

Church Lane - 19/10/64

Church Lane by night
Another atmospheric picture taken from near the top of what is probably Ledbury's most famous street.

Top Cross, Ledbury - 12/11/64

Top Cross by night
My father enjoyed capturing these night time light trails and had taken some similar pictures while still in Birmingham.  This view is from Top Cross looking down the High Street towards the Market Hall.

The sign for the shop on the far left says, "Clearwell House, Hair Fashions, Tea and Coffee Lounge".  Obiously keeping their options open!

Hereford Rd nr Ledbury Stn - 27/11/64

Herefor Road near Lebdury Station by night
Now this one is really just a light trails picture with only the dim sign for M&B in the middle to provide a clue.  It was taken from the ramp up to Ledbury station and shows the junction of Hereford Road to the left with Bromyard Road to the right.  Here is a daytime view of the site.