Photo By D J Norton

Matlock & Matlock Bath

Milepost, Matlock Bath - 3/6/63

Milepost, Matlock Bath
Another thing I seem to have in common with my father is an interest in mileposts!  If I found this by the side of the road I know I would take a picture of it.  Most of it is clearly readable.  I think the right hand side of the post says, "To Matlock Bath 1 Mi Derby 18 Mi".

  I asked if anyone knew if it was still there today and I'm very grateful to Robert for not just letting me know that it is (he said, "It's located on the west side of the A6 about 250m north of the highest part of High Tor") but also sending this picture.  Shame it's looking so sad and unloved compared with the picture above...

High Tor, Matlock Bath - 3/6/63

High Tor, Matlock Bath
High Tor, Matlock Bath as viewed from the side of the current A6 (Dale Road) and looking towards Matlock Bath.  The sign for the town is visible on this picture of some of the people walking towards Matlock.

You can find some information about High Tor on this site.

Hiver (Riber) Castle - 3/6/63

Riber Castle
Now this one got me confused...  My father's note for this picture described it as 'Hiver Castle' but there is no such place!  When I realised it was taken on the same day as the other Matlock pictures it was easy to find that is was actually RIBER Castle.  I wonder if he asked someone what it was called and misheard what they said?  Anyway, the Urban Assault site has some history of the 'castle' (it was actually a private house constructed in 1862) as well as some great pictures

The picture is taken from Causeway Lane near the junction with Steep Turnpike.  On the right Hall Leys Park is very busy.  The reason for this is simple - 3rd June 1963 was Whit Monday, a Bank Holiday.

To the left of the picture the sign for the Ritz says that 'Carry on Nurse' is showing.  Amongst the businesses nearby are a television shop, Matlock Building Supplies and a garage.