Don't Miss This Opportunity! (Oops - too late...)

Update:  Demolition finally commenced in late June 2007 after all the neighbouring buildings had already been razed to the ground.  I managed to capture this picture of the front and this one of the back of the building during demolition.  With all the factories now gone, replaced by apartments, perhaps it's time to rename Commercial Street as Residential Road…

My father's photo's show how important it is to act before redevelopment takes place.  I've learned from this and I frequently photograph interesting buildings whose days are numbered.

I would like to bring to your attention an opportunity not to be missed!  At the back of the Mailbox is the old G & S Brough factory in Commercial Street.  Just by looking at it you can see that it's little changed since at least the 1950's.  The company relocated during 2005 and I was quick to take a few photo's, fearing what the future would bring.

G & S Brough
G & S Brough Factory, Commercial Street

I now know the future.  The site is too valuable to developers to remain unchanged or to be converted to modern apartments.  Instead, another high profile development will take its place.

My advice?  Get your cameras out and get up there now!  If you walk up Severn Street on your way there you'll see that some old buildings are being kept and re-used. I'm delighted to see the Birmingham Athletic Institute currently undergoing conversion to flats and houses under the guise of the Scholars Gate development.  You may be interested in reading the council's development plan for this area (warning - 3MB PDF!).

Birmingham Athletic Institute
Birmingham Athletic Institute, photographed 4/8/2003