Photo By D J Norton

Aldridge Station

Aldridge Station lay on the Midland line between Water Orton and Wolverhampton.  Sadly my father didn't spend much time photographing this particular line.  The station closed to passengers in December 1964.

Aldridge Stn - 13/6/55

Aldridge Station 1955
A nice eastward view of the station building, opened in 1879.  The road bridge carries Walsall Road over the line.  Note the water tank close to the bridge.

W End of Aldridge Stn - 13/6/55

West end of Aldridge Station 1955
Having turned through 180 degrees after taking the picture above, my father took this westward view of the station.  It shows that the building on the Wolverhampton bound platform was far less grand than that on the opposite platform.  This view also shows the signal box, some sidings to the far right and what Rail Around Birmingham says is the roof of a goods shed poking up above the wagons.  The road bridge in the far distance carries Dumblederry Lane.

I had assumed this picture was taken on a Sunday due to the engineering works ongoing but 13 June 1955 was a Monday.  I thought a close up of the works might be of interest to some.

Aldridge-Cannock Branch nr Aldridge - 13/6/55

46443 and Aldridge to Cannock branch at Aldridge 1955
This branch line lead to Walsall Wood and Brownhills (Midland) stations.  My father's reference to Cannock probably relates to the fact that it also served several collieries in the Cannock area.  It was opened in 1882, closed to passengers in 1930 and singled in 1940.

Wire-Operated Points nr Aldridge - 13/6/55

Wire operated points near Aldridge 1955
A close up of the points seen in the centre of the picture above, unusual by virtue of being wire operated.