Photo By D J Norton

Ashchurch Station

Ashchurch station not only lay on the main Birmingham and Gloucester line but also had connections to Evesham and Tewkesbury.  This gave it a particularly interesting layout that is well illustrated by my father's photographs.  Today the station is a shadow of its former self and is known as Ashchurch for Tewkesbury Station.

Crossing at Ashchurch Stn - 7/8/51

Crossing at Ashchurch Station 1951
This crossing was at the northern end of the station and provided a connection between the line from Tewkesbury (bottom left) to the line to Evesham.

44362 21A Ashchurch Stn - 4/8/52

44362 21A Ashchurch Stn 1952
44362 is approaching the station on the Birmingham & Gloucester Loop on its way from Evesham.  The line in front of the cottages lead to the crossing seen in the picture above.

73010 Ashchurch Stn - 4/8/52

73010 Ashchurch Station 1952
73010 is on the main line and is heading towards Gloucester.  The line curving off to the right leads to Evesham and the cottages on the far right can be seen in the picture above.

N. End of Ashchurch Stn - 6/4/57

North end of Ashchurch Station 1957
Here we are at the northern end of the main line up platform.  The signal box is labelled Aschurch Level Crossing.

S. End of Ashchurch Stn - 6/4/57

South end of Ashchurch Station 1957
This is a very nice picture of the southern end of the station as it shows some of the original station building on the far left.  The line to Tewkesbury is curving off to the left, the line to Evesham appears in the centre and the main line from Gloucester to Birmingham is from bottom right to centre left.  The modern signal box is the obvious feature of this picture as is St. Nicholas Church on the far right.

S. End of Ashchurch Stn - 5/8/57

South end of Ashchurch Station 1957
Taken four months after the picture above it now looks as if the 'new' signal box is up and running.  Today the road bridge in the centre carries the A46.  The view is looking towards Cheltenham Spa and onwards to Gloucester.