Photo By D J Norton

Tamworth Station

What a fascinating station Tamworth is thanks to it being split over two levels and two distinct lines.  At the 'High Level' is the old Midland Station while the 'Low Level' is the old L&NWR Station and today sees the West Coast Mainline passing through.  Wikipedia provides some history.

46135 Tamworth Stn - 16/4/49

46135 Tamworth Station 1949
Apparently, Tamworth was famous for attracting trainspotters to 'the field' close to the Low Level station.  Here, two of them can be seen in action to the right of the picture as Class 7P, 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' 46135 (a.k.a. 'The East Lancashire Regiment') passes by en route to Stafford.  The building to the left was a large water tank.

44910 Tamworth Stn (LL) - 16/4/49

44910 Tamworth Station 1949
This is from a contact print so is not up to the normal standards but it's a great picture nevertheless.  It shows Class 5MT, 4-6-0, 'Black Five', 44910 heading towards Nuneaton.

46201 8A Tamworth Stn (LL) - 16/4/49

46201 8A Tamworth Station 1949
Another contact print, this one showing Class 8P, 4-6-2, 'Princess Royal', 46201 (a.k.a. 'Princess Elizabeth') also heading towards Nuneaton.  Of interest is how much of the High Level station is visible including the lift, a signal box and a water tower.

Tamworth Stn LL from HL - 2/6/62

Tamworth Station (LL from HL) 1962
It's over 13 years later and Tamworth is undergoing some major changes.  Electrification is one of the main ones as this view from the High Level station looking towards Nuneaton shows.

Tamworth Stn (LL) - 2/6/62

Tamworth Station (LL) 1962
Down on the Low Level station looking towards Nuneaton, the modernisation can clearly be seen.  The Wikipedia entry says that the High Level platforms had to be raised by two feet to allow for electrification and that certainly seems to be the case given the concrete on top of the original brick bridge pillars.

Tamworth Stn (HL) - 2/6/62

Tamworth Station (HL) 1962
I believe this is a north looking view towards Derby.  I can't quite get over the ramshackled temporary bridge made of scaffold - can you imagine that with today's 'Health & Safety'!?  The sign on the bridge says, "Over the bridge for trains to Birmingham, Stafford, Crewe and the North".  Below is another sign that says, "Straight ahead for trains to Nuneaton, Rugby and London".