Photo By D J Norton

Wolverhampton (High Level) Station

Wolverhampton (High Level) Station was built in 1852 and lay on what used to be known as the Stour Valley Line.  The modern day Wolverhampton Station now occupies the site and there is little left of what my father photographed as the station suffered a major phase of modernisation in the mid 1960's.  This page contains some interesting history of the station.

Frontage of W'hampton (HL) Stn - 20/9/60

Wolverhampton (High Level)  Station 1960
The grand entrance to the old High Level station.  Note to the left of centre there is a sign saying, "To Low Level Station", and this was accessed via pedestrian tunnel opened in 1884.

Goods Offices W'hampton - 30/6/61

Wolverhampton Goods Office 1961
This building was the Goods Office at the time my father photographed it but it had been built as the entrance to the original station way back in October 1849!  The sign on the shop to the right says, "Pipers Row", so that puts us at what was Five Ways.  I was delighted to find that it survives to this day as this picture shows.

S End of W'hampton (HL) Stn from P2 - 20/9/60

South end of Wolverhampton (High Level) Station 1960
Now inside the station, my father is stood on Platform 2 and is looking north-west.  This picture provides a good view of the roof and the footbridge that crossed the line from Platform 1.

45402 W'hampton (High Level) Stn - 3/8/52

45402 Wolverhampton (High Level) Station 1952
The earliest picture that I have found in the collection, dating back to 1952.  Here, my father is at the end of Platform 1 and is looking south-east.  The signal box is No. 2 box and the buildings in the background were originally Mill Street Goods Station.

Class 5MT 4-6-0 'Black Five' 45402 is running an express passenger service.

W'hampton Stn from No 2 Box - 30/6/61

Wolverhampton (High Level) Station from No.2 Box 1961
Having talked his way into No. 2 signal box (not unusual for my father!), this north-western view provides a very good idea of how the station used to be.

W'hampton Stn from No 3 Box - 30/6/61

Wolverhampton (High Level) Station from No.3 box 1961
Now at the northern end of the station and looking south-east, this view shows the station complex from outside No. 3 box.

N End of W'hampton (HL) Stn - 20/9/60

North end of Wolverhampton (High Level) Station 1960
Taken from the northern end of Platform 1 and looking north, here we have a good view of No. 3 box.

W'hampton No 4 Box - 30/6/61

Wolverhampton No.4 Box 1961
This is my favourite picture, even though it shows nothing of the station itself!  Located quite far north of the station, No. 4 box is surrounded by a canal basin to the left and the ex-GWR lines running at a lower level and visible to the far right.  The bridge close to the box provides access to the carriage sidings.  Note the catch points in the foreground.

44682 Passing W'hampton No 4 Box - 30/6/61

44682 passing Wolverhampton No.4 box 1961
This is a cracker, too, with my father once again going where he shouldn't in order to get a superb photo!

No. 4 box is on the left with another 'Black Five', 44682, pulling a goods train towards the station.

LMS Wharf nr W'hampton - 3/8/52

LMS wharf near Wolverhamtpon 1952
Another interesting picture not directly related to the station itself...  This wharf was some way south of the station and was known as Chillington Wharf.  I was absolutley gobsmacked to find out that these structures survive and stopped off to take these (1, 2) pictures on the way to a concert at Wolverhampton Civic Hall back in September 2007.