Photo By D J Norton

Worcester (Shrub Hill) Station

Worcester (Shrub Hill) Station was interesting as it was a joint GWR and LMS station.  It appears to have had extensive facilities to accomodate both railway companies.  The information for the station on the Rail Around Birmingham site suggests there is still much of interest to see today, including semaphore signals!

4161, 6169, 6147 Worcester Shed - 12/3/65

4161, 6169, 6147 Worcester Shed 1965
This is not like my father at all - snapping ex GWR loco's!  I thought that water tower in the background looked like a GWR one...

4161 was a 2-6-2T designed by Churchward and Collett.  6169 and 6147 were close relations being designed by Collett and also being 2-6-2T.  The main difference appears to have been higher boiler pressure.

Worcester (Shrub Hill) Stn - 12/3/65

Worcester (Shrub Hill) Station 1965
I think this picture was taken from platform 2 looking across to platform 1.  The back of the main station building is clearly visible on the left.

48345 & 73021 Shrub Hill Stn - 12/3/65

48345, 73201 Shrub Hill Station 1965
This is a lovely shot and I think it was taken at the northern end of the station close to where the line crosses Tolladine Road.

Class 8F 2-8-0 'Stanier' 48435 and Class 5MT 4-6-0 BR Standard 'Class 5' 73021 appear to be working hard pulling what looks like some form of crane.  The curve of the track to the left suggests they are heading towards the other station in the city, Foregate Street, before passing over the River Severn.

48345 Worcester (Shrub Hill) Stn - 12/3/65

48435 Worcester Shrub Hill Station 1965
This shot shows 48345 being prepared for the work it will need to do when it teams up with 73021 as shown in the picture directly above.

42977 dep W'cester (S. Hill) Stn - 12/3/65

42977 dep Worcester Shrub Hill Station 1965
I think this picture was taken at the southern end of the station and shows Class 5MT 2-6-0 'Stanier' 42977 on goods duty.