Photo By D J Norton

Trams and Buses - Bristol Road

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829 Pebble Mill Road - 7/10/51

Tram 829 Pebble Mill Road

836 Pebble Mill Rd - 7/10/51

Tram 836 Pebble Mill Road
The centre of Pebble Mill Road was clearly a handy place to park up a few trams!  For many years, BBC Birmingham's base was located to the right of this view.  Demolished in 2005, the area is now set to become a science park.

518 Selly Oak - 4/7/52

Tram 518 Selly Oak
Birmingham University can be seen above the more distant tram.  The black car just under the bridge is waiting to turn out of Heeley Road.  The turret just above the 'R' in Dares Ales is the top of Selly Oak library.

786 Chapel Lane - 30/6/52

Tram 786 Chapel Lane
This is a cracking picture!  Selly Oak today is in a permanent state of gridlock due to the tortuous one-way system based around Bristol Road, Harborne Lane and Chapel Lane.  To see it so quiet is quite a revelation...

In the distance is the Harborne Lane Depot which can be seen in the picture below.  To the right of the picture is where Battery Retail Park is today.

Harborne Lane Depot - 4/7/52

Harborne Lane Depot
I guess this picture is an indication of what was to come - lots of shiny new buses and just a few, tired, old trams.

The depot is now a storage warehouse.  At least it's still standing...

734 Nr Manor House - 30/6/52

Tram 734 Nr Manor House
Manor House was the one-time home of George Cadbury.  Bought by Birmingham University in the 1950's, it is now a hall of residence.

623 Longbridge - 30/6/52

Tram 623 Longbridge
This is one of those pictures that really blew me away!  It is where the A38 turns right towards Rubery and that is where the tram is coming from.  The road going off to the left of the picture is Lickey Road which ends up at Rednal Terminus shown below.  This area is now built up and the Rover works are off to the left of this view.

777 Rednal Terminus - 30/6/52

Tram 777 Rednal Terminus
Here we are at the Lickey Hills - a popular place for the citizens of Birmingham to visit back in the 1950's.  You can judge this by the size of the shelters!  The sign by the tram warns people that, "The last tram car leaves here at 10-0pm".

I remember one of those old clocks still being in place when I was younger.

When visiting the site for the modern view I was delighted to find some tram track still remains!

759 Rubery Terminus - 30/6/52

Tram 759 Rubery Terminus

Rubery Terminus - 30/6/52

Rubery Terminus
The end of the line and the end of Birmingham - the large sign to the left of the picture says, "City of Birmingham".

This is where the A38 flyover now takes out of city traffic away from Rubery village.

I very much suspect that the bicycle leaning on the lampost was my father's.