Photo By D J Norton

Trams and Buses - North Of City Centre

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678 & 706 Nr Aston Station - 23/3/53

Tram 678 and 706 Near Aston Station
A combination of all three transport systems - bus, trams and railways!  Notice that Aston Station is still labelled as part of the LMS network at this time even though British Railways was formed in 1948.

For more local history of this area see the Aston Brook Through Aston Manor website.

677 Lichfield Rd - 23/3/53

Tram 677 Lichfield Road

722 Salford Bridge - 23/3/53

Tram 722 Salford Bridge

693 Nr Gravelly Hill - 25/5/53

Tram 693 Nr Gravelly Hill

667 Pype Hayes - 25/5/53

Tram 667 Pype Hayes
This was taken where Chester Road crosses Tyburn Road.  Pype Hayes park is behind the tram.

667 & 670 Nr Holly Lane - 25/5/53

Tram 667 and 670 Nr Holly Lane
This was taken at the junction of Holly Lane with Tyburn Road near the Dunlop factory.  Kingsbury Road is just out of shot to the right of the photo.

John got in touch to say that he'd enjoyed adding colour to this picture and was kind enough to share the result with us.  Here is his splendid version - a great job!  He also pointed out that it looks like Her Majesty was on and undercover visit to Birmingham, stood to the left of the picture.