Photo By D J Norton

Bordesley Junction

Bordesley Junction connects the Midland Railways Camp Hill line to the old GWR line to London Paddington.  Given my father's fascination with the Camp Hill line, I guess it's not surprising that he took an interest in this junction.

Bordesley Jct - 4/8/54

Bordesley Junction
Bordesley Junction
These two shots are taken looking towards Bordesley Junction with Camp Hill to the back of the photographer.  I wondered how my father had got the elevated view of the lower picture but quickly realised that he was up to his usual tricks of climbing signal posts!

The large building visible in both shots was a bus station on Coventry Road and it still in use today.  The houses in the lower shot were in Arthur Street and all have been demolished.

Bordesley Jct - 22/8/54

Bordesley Junction
This picture was taken from under the road bridge that carries Coventry Road and Arthur Street and clearly shows the track branching off towards the GWR line.  Bordesley Junction signal box is visible to the left of centre.

Bordesley Jct Layout Diagram - 23/8/54

Bordesley Junction layout diagram
Here's the layout diagram of Bordesley Junction that would have been located in the signal box.