Photo By D J Norton

Grand Junction

Dating back to the earliest days of Birmingham railways, the Grand Junction Railway was a formative part of the L&NWR.

Grand Jct from Vauxhall Line - 10/5/60

Grand Junction from Vauxhall Line
For this view my father was stood on the bridge seen to the right of centre of the picture below.  The signal box in the centre is Grand Junction box.

View from Grand Jct Box - 2/8/60

View from Grand Junction box
Stood outside Grand Junction box, my father took this picture looking towards the city centre a few weeks after the one above.  The lines to the left were originally the Midland lines to Bristol.  Those on the right were the L&NWR lines to Coventry.

Paul provided this cracking modern view.  He commented:
"The picture is a few feet lower than the original, since the box went with the first remodelling of the area in the early 1960's, only to be remodelled again in 1999 as part of the Proofhouse Junction improvements (?). Fortunately the second rebuild resulted in a nice high overhead line structure base being put in, in exactly the same position as the signal box.

As you can see, track rationalisation & electrification are the biggest change on the railway along with multi aspect signalling, but the changes to the Birmingham City Centre skyline are just as big.

The bridge in the background was also rebuilt in 1999 & carries the Vauxhall lines to Duddeston Station and onto Aston South Junction. The new bridge is narrower the the one it replaced as the railway no longer needs access to the old Curzon Street sidings."

Gradient Post nr Grand Jct Box - 2/8/60

Gradient post near Grand Junction box
The caption says it all for this one!  Can anybody explain what lines these gradients may be referring to?