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Halesowen Railway Updates

The Halesowen Railway section of the site was one of the first railway related group of pages I worked on and I was only just beginning to find my feet when it came to researching!  As a result, a number of errors found their way onto the site.  A couple of things were the main cause of these:
These two lead to two of the major errors:
I thank the many people who corrected me re Frogmill Crossing, many of them being ex-Rover workers who recalled it being on Rubery Lane very clearly.  My main thanks must go to David Carson, a very keen Halesowen Railway enthusiast who sent me a detailed list of corrections way back in February 2008!  Sorry to all for delay in updating the pages.  My excuse is that I had so much new stuff that I wanted to include that I found it difficult to devote the time to providing the thorough update that was needed...

Inspired by David's notes, I purchased copies of 'By Rail to Halesowen' by Michael Hale and Ned Williams (perhaps the definitive text on the line and a lucky eBay purchase for me!) and 'Midland Record No.24' which contains an article on the line by Roger Carpenter (with notes from Bob Essery).  These were both a great help with the updates I needed to do.

Anyway, I have now spent a few hours on the job and I think it's finished.  There may be a few minor issues that I haven't noticed so please let me know if you find them.  Here is a summary of the changes: