Photo By D J Norton

Halesowen Railway - Enthusiast Pictures

While the other page offers a chance to recall the Halesowen Railway to anybody who's interested, the pictures here are of more specialist interest.

Ground Frame nr Halesowen - 12/7/53

Ground Frame nr Halesowen
There was a branch of the Halesowen Line to sidings near the Dudley Canal.  I believe the sidings were where Hawne Basin is now.

The sign on the shed says, "Halesowen Canal Basin Jc Ground Frame"

Rubery Sidings - 12/7/53

Rubery Sidings
There were several sidings at Rubery.  David provided this information:-
"This was taken just off the end of the “down” platform at Rubery, immediately in front of a set of points that led to a siding that went behind the down platform to link with the (far end of the) Corporation Sidings.  The picture is indeed taken looking towards Longbridge – with Hollymoor Hospital on the horizon. The siding with the wagons on it is the siding serving the small goods yard adjacent to the main station building.  The Corporation Sidings are on the other side of the hedge to the left."

Corporation Sidings Entrance - 8/7/62

Corporation Sidings Rubery
The entrance to more sidings at Rubery.  David noted:-
"Behind the camera are the three Corporation Sidings; this is taken looking towards Longbridge, Balaam’s Wood being on the left and the main running line curving away to the right towards the Frog Mill level-crossing."

Rubery Station from Down Home - 8/7/62

Rubery Station from DN Home
Here he goes again - climbing signals to get a good picture!  This shows sidings to both sides of the line.  David pointed out that, "The Corporation Sidings are on the right, t’other side of the hedge.".

East End of Rubery Station - 8/7/62 & 25/12/64

East End of Rubery Station
East End of Rubery Station
Two identical views show how quickly the change from working line to decay occured - there is less than two and a half years between these two.

The lower of these pictures is dated 25th of December.  My father must have really been dedicated to the railways!  I wonder what my mother thought about him going off and taking pictures on Christmas Day?

LMS/GW Notice, Rubery Station - 21/9/52

LMS/GW Notice, Rubery Station
An interesting piece of history reflecting the joint ownership of the line by GWR and Midland Railways (part of LMS) after the collapse of the Halesowen Railway Company.

Frogmill Crossing - 11/7/54

Frogmill Crossing
Here's a close up of the controls for Frogmill Crossing.

Notice at Frogmill Crossing - 21/9/52

Notice at Frogmill Crossing
An interesting piece of history reflecting the joint ownership of the line by GWR and Midland Railways after the collapse of the Halesowen Railway Company.

Distants nr Frogmill Crossing - 11/7/54

Distants nr Frogmill Crossing
David provided the following information about this shot:-
"This is looking towards Longbridge; Frog Mill Crossing - is behind the camera.  The unusual signal – two distant arms on the same post – relate to control of the crossing and then control Rubery Station.  To the right behind the hedge is now situated the balancing reservoir, constructed during the late 1970s."

Longbridge West from Station - 12/3/62

Longbridge West from Station
This shows the extensive sidings for the Rover Works.

East End of Longbridge Station - 12/3/62

East End of Longbridge Station
This one compliments the other picture from 1954 quite nicely.  Note that the signals have gone.

View from Longbridge East Box - 12/3/62

View from Longbridge East

Again we see how extensive the railway system was close to the Rover Works.  As a complete contrast, Paul provided this modern view of the site after the Rover works had been demolished.