Photo By D J Norton

Birmingham and Local Stations N-Z in Colour

Covers New Street, Northfield, Rotton Park Road, Selly Oak, Smethwick and Stechford

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New Street

Midland Side New St Stn
Midland Side New St Stn
Truly splendid pictures of the interior of the southern half of New Steet Station before the roof was removed.  Both  pictures were taken from platform 8 looking westward - platform 7 is to the right.  The top picture coincided with the end  of the film so it's a little smaller than other slides.  The bottom picture is fantastic and was taken just a bit further  down the platform.  The detail available on this scan is excellent so I've provided three close ups of the roof, mail trucks and bridge and engines.  To see this scene almost 3 months later, check out this picture on the New Street Station page.


Northfield Stn from Up Goods Home
My father up to his tricks again!  This was taken from up goods home signal...  Still, his bad behaviour has provided a superb view of Northfield station and sidings looking towards the city.  The terrace of houses to the right of centre are located in Station Road.

Rotton Park Rd

Rotton Park Rd Stn
Given his obvious fascination with the Halesowen Railway, I'm quite surprised that there are very few pictures related to the Harborne Railway in the collection.  Still, this picture of the site of Rotton Park Station is a good one.  Taken from the back of houses on Gillott Road, the view is taken looking towards the site of the station.  If you look at the 1934 view on Rail Around Birmingham, all will be clear.

The bridge carries Selwyn Road over the tracks.  The houses on the left are in Hallewell Road.

Selly Oak

Selly Oak Stn
A nice view of Selly Oak Station looking towards the city centre.  The entrances to a tunnel under the line are clear on both sides of the track.  The brick building on the right hand platform had been demolished by the time my father took a similar black and white photo in May 1962


Smethwick Stn
Smethwick Rolfe Street Station.  Again, this is very similar to a black and white print taken just 2 months earlier.

The sign on the building seen under the covered footbridge reads, "Sam Price Ltd.".  They were potato merchants.


Stechford No 2 Box
Stn from Stechford No 2 Box
Jct from Stechford No 2 Box
Stechford Stn
Down Sdg & Stechford No 1 Box
This series of shots of Stechford are the best in the collection.  All taken on Saturday 25 May 1963, the quality of the slide film is much better than the pictures from the 1950's.  The detail is incredible!  To give you an idea of how good, have a look this picture of Stechford No. 1 Box taken from the shot directly above.

The top shot shows No. 2 Box.  My father's friend, Vic Goodwin, worked as a signalman at Stechford after moving from Marston Green box.

Next is a shot of the station from No. 2 Box.  Turning round to face the other way, the third picture shows the junction.  The bridge in the foreground carries the railway over Albert Road.

The fourth picture provides a clearer view of the station itself and the Station Road bridges.

The final picture is my favourite.  Taken from Station Road, it shows the down sidings.  The bridge in the distance carries Hill House Lane.  I am convinced that building behind No. 1 Box is Hill House Farm.  This explains the name 'Old Farm Road' in which the houses to the far left of the shot are located.  The small railway building on the opposite side of the tracks from No. 1 Box is labelled 'Stechford Frame'.

David, who has lived in Stetchford for many years, got in touch to confirm my views about the final picture and to provide some more information:
"With reference to Colour Photo Number 5 of Stechford Station I can confirm that the building behind the signal box is Hill House Farm. To the right of the goods yard the large building is the old Co-Operative Bakery and the factory buildings to the left of the signal box belong to Parkinson Cowan Ltd."