Photo By D J Norton

Birmingham and Local Stations In Colour 

It was a real surprise to find that we had boxes of full colour slides as well as all the prints.  Being a keen railway photographer, many of the slides are railway related.  There are plenty of local station shots, some of them unique as far as I am aware.

Old colour pictures really make an impact on me.  With black and white it's easy differentiate between the past and the present.  A fifty year old colour picture starts to blur the distinction...

Seeing as there are quite a few stations to cover, I've split them up to improve loading time.

Stations A-K
Includes Bournville, Brighton Road (site of), Camp Hill, Hazelwell, Kings Heath and Kings Norton
Stations L-M
Includes Lifford, Marston Green and Moseley
Stations N-Z
Includes New Street, Northfield, Rotton Park Road, Selly Oak, Smethwick and Stechford