Photo By D J Norton

My Favourite Slide

Euston Arch - 1/11/55

Euston Arch
I've been fascinated by the Euston Arch since I saw an episode of the BBC TV programme 'One Foot in the Past' back in the 1990's.  Dan Cruickshank tried to find out what had happened to its remains and to establish if it could be reconstructed.  The outcome was not positive...

Finding this slide was a delight!  There it was, in all its glory, and in full colour.  I think this may be a very rare image.  Certainly, I've only been able to find black and white pictures of the structure.

The Euston Arch was built in 1837 and was designed by Philip Hardwick.  It proudly announced one end of the London & Birmingham Railway.  At the other end was Curzon Street station, also designed by Philip Hardwick and thankfully still standing.

I've found various dates stated for its unfortunate demise but this picture, dated January 1962, suggests that as the true year.  Its destruction was not well received and it was one of those buildings whose loss resulted in an upsurge in the conservation movement.  Many people were, understandably, outraged!

I now read that Euston Station is to be redeveloped again.  There are even calls to rebuild the arch.  Personally, I think that would be a mistake.  You could never recreate the history even if you recreated the building.