Hazelwell Station Photo By D J Norton Kings Norton Station


The railways were something of an obsession for my father, that much is clear from the huge bias in the collection towards the subject.  For me, it's been a difficult area to tackle.  There is an enormous amount of interest associated with the days of steam.  How could I select the most important photo's from the hundreds available?

Initially, I took the easy route and concentrated on stations.  This, I felt, was an area that would appeal to the widest audience.  The section on local stations was very interesting to me, especially identifying long gone stations.  I used a modern A to Z and my father's 1962 OS map of Birmingham but for a double check on my interpretations I would hop along to the Rail Around Birmingham website - here you'll find modern day pictures that I'm sure many will be interested in.  You will find some of my father's railway photographs on the Warwickshire Railways site where Mike Musson provides in depth captions that will be of interest to rail enthusiasts

A couple of stations that should logically have been included in the local stations section were Rubery and Longbridge.  However, I discovered that these were part of the long defunct Halesowen Line.  There seems to be a lot of interest in this so I have dedicated a few pages to it.  My thanks to Andy of Rail Around Birmingham for helping with this section.

Where there were groups of photo's that stood alone, I decided to produce dedicated pages for them.  These include the Cromford and High Peak Railway, Ffestiniog Railway, the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway, the Liverpool Overhead Railway, the Severn Railway Bridge and the Clee Hill incline.  Similar pages will be added later.

In December 2006 I treated myself to a copy of 'British Railway Steam Locomotives 1948-1968'.  I will use the information from the book to enhance captions for any pictures that feature steam engines.

I would appreciate any feedback about these images that can be provided.  Any experts out there, please get in touch!

D J Norton book Part 1
D J Norton book Part 2
D J Norton book Part 3

Do you like my father's railway photographs?  Then you may be interested in these books...

To try and reduce download times I have divided the photographs into various sections.  Please select the link of interest.

Birmingham and Local Stations A-G
Includes: Adderley Park, Aston, Blake Street, Bournville, Camp Hill,
Church Road, Dudley, Five Ways, Four Oaks & Gravelley Hill
Birmingham and Local Stations H-O Includes: Hazelwell, Kings Heath, Kings Norton,
Marston Green, Moseley & Northfield
Birmingham and Local Stations P-Z
Includes: Perry Barr, Saltley, Selly Oak, Smethwick (Rolfe Street),
Soho Road, Spon Lane, Stechford, Vauxhall and Duddeston
& Winson Green
Birmingham and Local Stations in Colour
Colour photo's of Birmingham and local stations
Birmingham Rail Sites
Sheds, Sidings, Junctions, Signal Boxes and more!
New Street Station at Work
Photo's of New Street Station from 1948 upto 1964
New Street Station Centenary
All about an event held June 1-3 1954 including the brochure
and details of SLS Specials run at the time
Halesowen Railway
All about the Halesowen Railway.
Includes Rubery Station and Longbridge Station
Stonebridge Railway
The historic B&DJR line from Whitacre to Hampton
Midland Area Stations From counties bordering the West Midlands
National Stations
Stations not covered by the above categories
Ffestiniog Railway
The early days of the Ffestiniog Railway
Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway
Photo's from 1962, the year before the line re-opened
Isle of Man Railways
Photo's from 1960 showing the various railways on the island
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
Colour photo's of the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway from 1956
Miniature Railways
Photo's from 1952 to 1962 showing various miniature railways
Cromford & High Peak Railway
Photo's from the late 1940's and from a High Peak Tour in 1961
Severn Railway Bridge
Pictures of the bridge and station taken in 1964
Liverpool Overhead Railway
Photo's from 1955, the year before the railway closed
Clee Hill Incline
Colour photo's of the cable-operated Clee Hill incline from 1955
Daffodil Line (North)
The Ledbury and Gloucester Railway as far south as Dymock
Big Bertha and the Lickey Incline
Photo's from 1948 and 1949
Dad's Days Out
Re-live my father's excursions from the 1940's, 50's and 60's
My Favourite Slide
A superb colour picture of the Euston Arch in 1955

For more railway pictures, check out the New Street Station section of the Birmingham page