Photo By D J Norton

New Street Station at Work Pre 1950

Some of the shots on this page are taken from contact prints so are not of the high quality seen elsewhere.

44767 5A New St Stn - 24/4/48

44767 5A New Street Station
This very early shot was taken from the eastern end of the LNWR side of the station.  It shows Class 5 4-6-0 'Black Five' 44767 in the month it had received its BR designation.  It was also almost new only having been finished in December 1947.  It was based at Crewe North shed.  My thanks to Craig for letting me know that 44767 has survived in preservation as this page explains.

6876 3E New St Stn - 1/5/48

6876 3E New Street Station
I love the careful cleaning of the loco to just show LMS and 6876 - there must have been a shortage of water!

This engine looks very similar to the one below and they were indeed related as it was the passenger variety of the Webb 'Coal Tank'.  Class 2 0-6-2T 6876 had been built in 1898 and would be scrapped in 1949.  It was a local engine harking from Monument Lane shed.

58916 3E New St Stn - 15/5/48

58916 3E New Street Station
Class 2F 0-6-2T Webb 'Coal Tank' no. 58916, built in 1886.  It had been renumbered from 7759 just a month before this shot was taken.  It was based at Monument Lane shed, just a stone's throw from New St.

45532 New St Stn - 11/9/48

45532 New Street Station
4-6-0 'Rebuilt Patriot' 45532, a.k.a. 'Illustrious'.  This shot from the western end of the LNWR side of the station provides a good view of the rear of the Queen's Hotel in Stephenson Street.

41214 5A New St Stn - 25/9/48

41214 5A New Street Station
Class 2 2-6-2T 41214 was brand, spanking new when my father took this picture!  It was originally based at Crewe North shed but Richard got in touch to point out that it was transferred to Monument Lane around the time the picture was taken.

This shot provides a good view of the buildings at the north eastern end of the station.

M 3010 17A New St Stn - 29/12/48

M 3010 17A New Street Station
Class 4 2-6-0 Ivatt 'Mogul' 3010 would not be renumbered to 43010 until March 1951.  The engine was based at Derby shed.

I think this picture was taken from the eastern end of the Midland side of the station.

46121 9A New St Stn - 9/4/49

46121 9A New Street Station
4-6-0 'Royal Scot' 46121, a.k.a. 'Highland Light Infantry' from Longsight shed.

This shot provides another angle on the rear of the Queen's Hotel.

45419 2A New St Stn - 14/5/49

45419 2A New Street Station
Class 5 4-6-0 'Black Five' 45419 pictured at the far north eastern end of the station.  This loco was based at Rugby shed.

The buildings to the right of the view were located in Worcester Street.

3168 3D New St Stn - 21/5/49

3168 3D New Street Station
Class 2F 0-6-0 3168 in its final days of service.  Built in 1887 it would be scrapped within a month of this picture being taken.  It wasn't far from home here as it was based at Aston shed.

At the top of the picture you can see the back of the Odeon cinema in New Street.

9364 3C New St Stn - 11/6/49

9364 3C New Street Station
Class 6F 0-8-0 'G1' 9364 was from Walsall shed.

2764 21A New St Stn - 18/6/49

2764 21A New Street Station
Class 5F 2-6-0 'Crab' 2764 from Saltley shed.  I'm not sure whereabouts in the station this was took - any ideas?

I wonder if the young train spotter will recognise himself.  Let me know if you think it's you!

6924 3E, 928 21A New St Stn - 18/6/49

6924 3E, 928 21A New Street Station
This shot is one of my favourites in the whole collection!  It almost springs in to life.

Taken from the far western end of platform 1, New St no. 5 box is clear to the far right.  The road bridge overhead carries Hill Street.

Class 2 0-6-2T 'Watford Tank' 6924 was a relative of the Webb 'Coal Tank' with larger wheels and was intended for suburban passenger use - this one was from Monument Lane.  I wonder why it's a double-header with class 4 4-4-0 928 from Saltley?

46120 17A New St Stn - 13/8/49

46120 17A New Street Station
Not a good quality image but it shows an unusual view of the station that I though was important to display.  The building to the right of the plume of smoke was the Futurist cinema in John Bright Street, now Spearmint Rhino Extreme 'Gentlemens' club.

4-6-0 'Royal Scot' 46120 was also know as 'Royal Inniskilling Fusilier' and came from Derby shed.

40105 21A New St Stn - 6/11/49

40105 21A New St Stn
What a corker!  I don't how my father managed to take this picture in the darkened confines of the Midland side of the station but I'm glad he did.  Note the platform 8 sign to the far left.

The loco is 2-6-2T Stanier 40105 from Saltley shed.