Photo By D J Norton

Saltley Shed

Saltley shed was the biggest in the city and lived a long life - from 1868 until March 2007.

Diesels Saltley Shed - 25/4/48

Diesels Saltley Shed
It seems a little odd that one of my father's earliest pictures around Saltley should feature diesels but these little shunters seemed more successful than the early diesel loco's used for passenger and freight services.  Note that the two on the left are labelled 'Bristish Railways' whereas the others are 'LMS'.

4920 21A Saltley - 21/5/49

4920 21A Saltley Shed
Class 5MT 4-6-0 'Black Five' 4920 had been built at Crewe just a couple of years before this picture was taken and, after renumbering to 44920, it would continue in service until November 1967.  It is adjacent to Saltley's coaling plant.

22853 Saltley Shed - 29/5/49

22853 21A Saltley Shed
A real piece of history here!  Class 2F 0-6-0 'Kirtley' 22853 would be renumbered 58112 and survive the scrapheap until 1951.  Considering it had been built in 1873 that's not bad going...

Note the poor state of the engine shed behind, still awaiting repair following wartime damage.

92066, 44775, 45440 Saltley Shed - 18/3/56

92066, 44775, 45440 Saltley Shed
Here we are inside one of the sheds and close to a turntable.  The lack of a roof helps create a great photograph!

Flanked by a pair of Class 5MT 4-6-0 'Black Fives', 45440 and 44775, is Class 9F 2-10-0 BR Standard 92066 from Toton shed.

Saltley Shed - 7/1/61

Saltley Shed
One of the last pictures my father took at Saltley, this splendid view is looking north.  Note the coaling plant to the left.  In the distance in the centre the top of the Saltley Gas Works can be seen.