Photo By D J Norton

Selly Oak Signal Boxes and Signals

Boxes at Selly Oak - 29/7/57

Boxes at Selly Oak
I believe this shot shows the new box freshly built - note the windows are not yet painted and the 'Selly Oak' sign hasn't been fitted.

The old box is clearly still in operation at this time.  The sign on the box says 'Selly Oak Station'.

I can only make out the last few digits on the loco to the right - I think it says 3253 or 8253.  The first digit is obscured.  I suspect it is class 3F 0-6-0 MR Johnson 43253 built in 1890.

Selly Oak Boxes - 19/1/58

Selly Oak Boxes
Selly Oak Boxes
Selly Oak Boxes
I believe these boxes were located to the south of Selly Oak station.  The buildings in the background of the top and bottom shots were located in Heeley Road.  Would the old box have dated back to the days of the creation of the Birmingham & West Surburban Railway?

These pictures don't just show the modernisation of the signalling system at Selly Oak, they show how much the world has changed when it comes to health and safety!  The demolition team is just two men with a ladder and some great big hammers!  No safety jackets, helmets or shoes.  And I bet the line remained open as this work took place...

Selly Oak Down Distant - 10/5/62

Selly Oak down distant
This picture has a subheading of, "with reinforced concrete post".  Although he was fond of taking pictures of signals, I suspect the modernity of this particular signal was what caught his eye and prompted this shot.

I thought that the road carried over the bridge visible to the right of the shot may have been Raddlebarn Road but the curvature of the track looked wrong.  Thanks to Stephen, Will and Tony for letting me know that it was University Road West.  Today, University station is located just under the bridge but this photo shows that section of track in 1976 - note how the poplar trees feature in both pictures.

Tony also made this interesting observation:- 'We are looking at the back of the signal, so the photo is looking in the up direction - towards Birmingham - the signal being located on the "wrong side" of the track due to its curvature at this location.'