Photo By D J Norton

Barnt Green Station

Barnt Green Station lies on the Midland line north of Blackwell and south of Northfield.  If you're wondering about Longbridge Station, that only opened in 1978 with the creation of the Cross City Line.  The modern Cross City Line joins the old branch line to Alvechurch and Redditch at Barnt Green

Barnt Green Main Line Jct - 18/9/51

Barnt Green Main Line Junction 1951
Looking north-north-west towards Birmingham, this picture from the station footbridge shows that Barnt Green featured quite extensive sidings.  The branch line to Alvechurch comes in from the bottom right of the picture.  Fiery Hill Road can be seen to the left.

My thanks to Paul form providing this modern view.  He says it shows, "all the yard area has gone and how much track rationalisation that has took place, not to mention the installation of the overhead line equipment in 1993 as part of the Cross City scheme".

43013 Barnt Green Main Line Box - 8/6/53

43013 Barnt Green Main Line Box 1953
Taken from Barnt Green Main Line Junction signal box, Class 4MT 2-6-0 'Mogul' 43013 is heading towards Birmingham.  This picture shows the footbridge from which the picture above was taken.  This time, Fiery Hill Road is on the right.

Another modern view from Paul with the comment, "Since the signal box is no longer with us a ground level shot is the best I can get. The extensive sidings and cattle docks to the left of loco have completely disappeared, the embankment has been dug away and a small housing estate now occupies this area behind the tree line.".

48351 21A nr Barnt Green Stn - 20/4/54

48351 near Barnt Green station 1954
This picture was taken at the far southern end of the station where Hewell Lane crosses the line.  It shows Class 8F 2-8-0 War Dept. Stanier 48351 steaming towards Blackwell.  Note the station buildings visible under the bridge.

An observant Robin got in touch to say that, "The photograph, of 48351 is interesting in that it shows the banner repeater signal in the process of being erected.  This was provided to repeat the indications of the splitting home signal at the end of the platform.  I suspect it became necessary when the latter signal was renewed and the lower arm (seen in the top photograph) was removed".  You can see this change to the signals in the picture of 45106 below.

Again, another modern view from Paul who notes, "Overbridge 111 is still pretty much in its original condition, but has seen the left side of the wall has been raised a few levels."

42822 21A Barnt Green Single Line Jct - 10/5/54

42822 Barnt Green Single Line Junction 1954
Class 4MT 2-6-4 'Crab' 42822 from Saltley shed is heading from Alvechurch towards Barnt Green and is close to the point at which the single line track becomes double.

Paul was kind enough to provide this splendid modern view.

45106 12A Barnt Green Stn - 9/7/55

45016 Barnt Green Station 1955
This is a nice shot showing Class 5MT 4-6-0 'Black Five' 45106 from Carlisle shed joining the main line from the branch.

Branch Platform Barnt Green Stn - 9/7/55

Branch Platform Barnt Green Station 1955
Another picture from the footbridge this time looking down the branch line towards the site of the single line junction box seen above.

Paul's modern view of this scene comes with the comment, "Looking towards Redditch, the usual bus shelters that have replaced the waiting rooms. The building on the right where the main station buildings were is now occupied by West Mercia Stone Masons.".

Branch Platform Barnt Green Stn - 24/6/61

Branch Platform Barnt Green Station 1961
Taken almost six years after the picture directly above, this view is from the branch line platform looking towards the main line junction.   Note that the building seen on the right in this picture is the same one seen on the left above.

Paul's contrasting modern view comes with the interesting comment, "The pipes in between the rails was an attempt at lubricating the rails when trains passed through the station and to reduce the flange squeal. Water was sprayed out as the trains entered the platforms but I don't think it was a success as it is now unused and the more tradition grease type lubricators are fitted at either end of the platforms.".

Barnt Green Stn - 24/6/61

Barnt Green Station 1961
Taken from the Birmingham bound platform and looking north-north-west, this picture provides a nice view of the main station buildings.

The final modern view from Paul is a sad scene by comparison...  He says that it, "shows how all of the original station buildings and signalling has gone. The only real link with the past is the pipe in the bottom right hand side of the picture on the platform face."