Photo By D J Norton

Redditch Station

Redditch lies on the old Midland line south of Alvechurch.  Prior to the closure of the tunnel, seen below, the line continued on as part of the Birmingham and Gloucester Loop with the next stop to the south being Studley and Astwood Bank.  The station (slightly relocated to the north) is still in use today as part of the Cross City Line.  For some reason my father never took a picture of the station itself but I hope the views below help compensate for that oversight...

Redditch Shed - 22/4/51

Redditch Shed 1951
The shed was located to the north of the station and this view is looking north.  The signal box is Redditch North.

42327 Redditch Shed - 22/4/51

42327 Redditch Shed 1951
A close up view of the small engine shed, a subshed of Bournville.  The loco is class 4MT 2-6-4T 'Fowler' 42327.

44859 Redditch South - 12/7/55

44859 Redditch South 1955
Class 5MT 4-6-0 'Black Five' 44859 passing Redditch South box.  This was located (not surprisingly!) at the southern end of the station.  The signalman is waiting to collect the token used to ensure safety on the single line track.

View from Redditch South Box - 12/7/55

View from Redditch South Box 1955
The single bore tunnel to the south of the station opened in May 1868.  Today, the only reminder of its existance is Tunnel Drive.

There are more pictures of the tunnel on the website of Philip Jarvis, author of 'Steam on the Birmingham Gloucester Loop'.