Photo By D J Norton

Cromford and High Peak Railway 1940's

CHPR Line nr Cromford - 7/3/48

CHPR Line nr Cromford
The line was so steep here that rope pulled wagons were used with a stationary engine at the top of the hill.

I've read tales of runaway wagons resulting in a 'catchpit' being built.  You can see it to the left of the photo, between the two lines.  There is a better picture of the catchpit on the High Peak Tour page.

Nr Sheep Pasture Shed - 19/4/49

Nr Sheep Pasture Shed
Nr Sheep Pasture Shed
Nr Sheep Pasture Shed
How did he do it?  He's obviously talked his way onto the engine for the top shot.

In the middle shot, we're approaching Sheep Pasture Shed, seen below.

Sheep Pasture Shed - 19/4/49

Sheep Pasture Shed
Thanks to Robin for providing the following information about this shed:
"The shed was the locomotive not goods shed and housed the 'one locomotive in steam' that operated the section from Sheep Pasture Top to Middleton Bottom. Besides the Chopper tank 58092 fornerly 6428, a number of Kitson 0-4-0ST 's operated this stretch of line, notably 47000, 47006 & 47007 the latter known as James Bond to the local children."

Thanks, also, to Will for providing this modern view.

26428 Middleton Bottom Sdgs - 19/4/49

26428 Middleton Bottom Sidings
26428 Middleton Bottom Sidings
26428 Middleton Bottom Sidings
Middleton Bottom sidings, and the picture directly above clearly shows the incline to Middleton Top.  There's a nice view from the incline towards the sidings on the High Peak Tour page.

A site visitor (thanks Mike) suggests the loco is a Webb Coal Tank engine.  However, Pete suggests it was a 'Chopper' tank.  My research suggests Pete is more likely to be correct since a Webb 'Coal Tank' had a 0-6-2T configuration and the loco pictured is clearly 2-4-0T.

Thanks, again, to will for providing a comparable modern view to the shot directly above.

58856 & 58862 Hopton Incline - 19/4/49

58856 & 58662 Hopton Incline
Hopton Incline included a section at 1 in 14 - the steepest gradient climbed by adhesion on British Railways.  No wonder a double-header was needed!

These two loco's are Class 2F 0-6-0T engines produced for the North London Railway in 1889 and 1901 respectively.  They moved to Cromford in 1939.

58856 Hopton Sdgs - 19/4/49

58856 Hopton Sidings
This is one of the two engines in the picture above.