Photo By D J Norton

Cromford and High Peak Railway

The Cromford and High Peak Railway was located in the Derbyshire Peak District.  The path of the railway survives to this day and can be followed via the High Peak Trail.  For some history of the line, try the GoingLoco or Wirksworth sites.

You may find this splendid map of interest.  It was found in March 2007, tucked inside a copy of 'The Cromford & High Peak Railway' by A. Rimmer (Oakwood Press 1956).  As there is no obvious copyright information on the map, I have decided to include it here as the C&HPR seems to generate a lot of interest.  If you object on the grounds of copyright infringement then please get in touch explaining your objections and I will remove it straight away.

Cromford & High Peak Railway
Photo's from the late 1940's
High Peak Tour
Photo's from a organised tour of the railway in September 1961