Photo By D J Norton

Hereford Station

Hereford Station was originally known as Hereford (Barrs Court) to distinguish it from Hereford (Barton).  Prior to the creation of BR the station was shared by GWR and LMS so, after moving to Ledbury, it was a good site for my father to get an ex-LMS fix!

There is a picture of the exterior of the station on the Hereford page.

Hereford Stn from S. - 12/9/63

Hereford Station from south 1963
 A nice north-western view taken from Commercial Road.  The station building is partially obscured by the tree to the upper-left of the picture.

N. End of Hereford Stn - 12/9/63

North end of Hereford Station 1963
This view is from platform 2 and is looking north-west.  Note the unusual arrangement of signals mounted directly on the signal box.  This is more clearly visible in the picture directly below.

7319 arr Hereford Stn - 26/3/64

7319 arriving Hereford Station 1964
Standing on platform 3 close to the signal box at the northern end of the station this picture shows ex-GWR loco 7319 on goods duty.  The 2-6-0 'Churchward' loco was nearing the end of its life as it would be removed from service in October and scrapped the following April.

5055 Hereford Stn - 26/3/64

5055 Hereford Station 1964
Looking 90 degrees clockwise from the view above (towards platform 2) we find another ex-GWR loco, this time 4-6-0 'Collett Castle' 5055, a.k.a. 'Earl of Eldon'.  This had even less days left than 7319, above, with removal from service due in November and scrapping in February 1965.

Hereford Stn from Footbridge - 30/10/64

Hereford Station from footbridge 1964
Another north-western view this time from the footbridge connecting the platforms.  Platform 3 is to the left and platform 2 to the right.

D1593 arr Hereford Stn - 20/11/64

D1593 arriving Hereford Station 1964
Where's the signal box gone!  The signals and 'Passengers Must Not Cross...' signs that were mounted on the sides of the box seen in the picture of 7319 above are now mounted on poles.  Note the two sheds, possibly a remnant of the days when the station was shared by railway companies?  When I visited Hereford in August 2009 the shed on the left was still standing a sign suggested that it had been a bowling alley.

45264 Hereford Stn - 18/5/65

45264 Hereford Station 1965
At last my father gets some LMS action!  Seeing a Class 4-6-0 'Black Five' must have brought back many happy memories of his frequent visits to New Street Station...

The shed visible to the left is the one seen to the right in the picture directly above.

D7058 dep Hereford Stn - 18/5/65

D7058 departing Hereford Station 1965
The final picture from Hereford was taken from the College Road rail bridge and is looking south-east.  It gives a good impression of how extensive the northern end of the site was.